Top tips for surviving BBQ season

It’s that time of year were parties are taking place every weekend, camping season is here and BBQ parties are in full effect.

Don’t stress about what or how much your going to eat at those parties. Take my top 5 tips and be successful every time.

1. Make a party plan: Find out as much information as you can about the parties you will be attending. What is being served and at what time, if you need to bring a dish. I always offer to bring a side dish that way I know there is one thing I can eat at the party.

2. Do not skip meals, don’t try and save up your calories for the party then go crazy once you get there. This will back fire and create the reverse effect. You need to nourish your body throughout the day, you will be able to make healthier choices when you are not starving.

3. Stay hydrated with water. For every adult beverage you consume try and drink 2 16-ounce glasses of water. Also stick with a 2 to 3 drink max. Your head will thank you in the morning.

4. When you get to the party, scope out the food table and see what you are going to eat and what extras you would like to add to your plate. Use a smaller plate if possible, this will give you the effect of having more food visually. Load up on lean protein and veggies first and indulge with your extra’s by having a little serving. This will help you stay on track but let you still enjoy your favorite dishes.

5. Get moving: starting the day with cardio and a workout will not only burn those extra calories you’ll be consuming later but makes you feel accomplished and helps clear your head.

6. Most importantly stay safe and enjoy time with your friends and family.


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