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Lynn Tanguay

Found My Mantra


Professional Lifestyle Coach

Owner, Breathe Fitness Studio

Elite Trainer- International Sports Sciences Association

Certified Personal Trainer-ISSA

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition-ISSA

Youth Fitness Trainer-ISSA

I haven’t always been the fit one or perfect picture of health: The whole journey has been a struggle for me and some days I still have that inner fight with myself -“The good versus evil” for the most part the good wins. I understand where I was and how I am now, and I feel like a million bucks. I have never had an issue about eating too much, but I was “the skinny girl” who ate just enough to keep that headache away and the dizziness at bay. It’s taken at least ten years to understand what being healthy and fit is all about.


For the last eight years I have had the pleasure of working under two amazing women who have helped me understand what being truly fit and healthy means. They taught me how to eat properly with still a little room for treats, and how to build an amazing body through weights and cardio. Along the way, I felt my confidence soar as my passion for fitness really took off.


My mantra about fitness is now: No matter how crazy you might think your goal is, with proper preparation and training anything is possible.

I was the party girl who’s only form of exercise was running and dancing all night in the bar.

Now, I am the girl who finished:

  • 2 Marathons – 26.2 miles each

  • 3 ½ Marathons – 13.1 miles each

  • 4 Triathlons – swimming, biking and running

  • 1 Half Iron man – 70.3 miles of swimming, biking and running

  • Full Tough Mudder - New England

  • 70 Mile bike race

  • Westmore Challenge - 21.5 mile hike, 5 mountains, 1 day


I am the girl who placed:

  • 3rd in NPC Boston – Bikini Division

  • 14th in NPC Boston – Figure Division

  • 5th in NPC Burlington - Figure Division

  • 5th in OCB Cape Cod - Figure Division

  • Competed Fitness Universe Pageant Miami, FL Figure Division 

  • Competed Fitness New England Pageant Danbury, CT-Figure Division


I am the girl who is passionate about helping you:

  • Create a healthy lifestyle

  • Be the best version of yourself

  • Set goals, make plans, and stick with it.

  • Make the change. For good.


The possibilities are endless. Just believe, and let me show you the way.


Just want to say thank you for your inspiration, bought new clothes (2 sizes smaller). So fun to actually put something on and have it look good. You are a great coach!

We want to thank you for sharing so many golden nuggets last night in group class. You are a wealth of knowledge and we all walked away with confidence! Thank you!

Thank you for  the last video you posted and your encouraging words and guidance! I have learned to love myself and to be kind to myself. When I workout, it's a gift.

I lost 8lbs since my last Dr's appointment, and my AC1 count wend down .2 points! Thank you for all you do, and I am grateful for your support!

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